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daily assignments

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Hargardine pages 44-47, chart on Relationships Between ucc and Common Law. The Offer, chapter 2 Part.2. Time pages 86-89, acceptance, chapter 2 Part.3, termination of Offers. Chapter 2 Part.4 but skip problem. Review  Problem, super Comics Problem, statute of Frauds, chapter 3 Part. Summary of SofF issues.

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If for analysis a good reason, i must miss a scheduled class, we will arrange an agreeable time for a make-up class. . we will usually cover four assignments per week but we will go a little slower in the resume beginning. Please read the materials assigned for the Introduction prior to our first class meeting. Reading Assignments, assignment, reading, introduction pages 1-8,. Ucc1-201(3) and (12 2-102, 2-105, promises, chapter 1 but skip problem. Consideration as Bargained for Exchange, chapter 2 Part.1 but skip. In re green and problem. Mistaken ad case click here to read, conditional Promises, chapter 2 Part.2. Illusory Promises, chapter 2 Part.3, the Theory of Mutual Assent. Chapter 2 Part t skip, embry.

In addition, you should, as stated above, prepare written briefs of the cases. . This will take a long time at first but as the semester progresses your skill will increase and you will be able to complete this task more quickly. . you should also take some notes on what you think you learned from the reading and attempt to write down answers to the questions raised in the notes. . The form of your preparation ions will depend on your own style and abilities. . Think of each class as a client meeting where a client has sent you several questions in advance and expects to hear answers. . A client will not be happy to pay you for the time in a meeting while you sit there thinking through the answers during the conference. I do not anticipate missing any class dates. .

daily assignments

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you may be asked about specific aspects of literature the cases. . As you will learn, the practice of law is not primarily the knowledge of simple rules that can be memorized. . The practice involves applying the rules and their many exceptions and variations to complex factual situations. . court decisions will often hinge on statement an important fact which may only be mentioned in a few words in the written opinion. . Analyzing facts and applying legal rules to them requires mastery not only of the rules but also the facts involved. . Part of the objective in this course is for you to acquire the ability to analyze and comprehend the importance of complex fact patterns. . All of this will require, particularly at first, multiple readings of the texts. .

You should bring both the casebook and the Statutory supplement to class each day. . we will often refer to the Statutory supplement as part of our classroom discussions. Read and brief the cases. . to be prepared for class you will need to spend a significant amount of time reading and re-reading the assignment. . Many professors in assigning reading assignments for undergraduate classes expect students to read vast amounts of information quickly and to focus on larger concepts and not details. . Law school is very different. . reading assignments tend to be shorter (usually less than 20 pages per class). . These assignments must be read many times before class. . reading cases involves a high level of attention to details. .

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daily assignments

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Exam review november 21 3-4 in Classroom. Find below your reading assignments for the semester. . I have assigned specific pages for each topic. . Normally, summary we will cover three assignments a week. As our class lady periods are not equal in length this may not equate to one per day.

We will, however, move more slowly in the beginning picking up speed as you grow in legal reasoning abilities. . I will inform you in advance which assignment, if any, will be required for the next class. . you must complete all reading assignments before class. . I may make available a few additional required reading selections throughout the semester. . Participation in class discussion is required. . Most importantly you will be able to follow the discussion and learn more in class if you have prepared properly. Although I have referred to specific items in the Statutory supplement as part of the assignment we are likely to refer to additional sections as part of our discussions.

Calculators are not allowed on the exams. The exams will be held: First Midterm: tuesday 10/1 through Thursday 10/3 at 1pm. Second Midterm: Wednesday 10/30 at noon through Friday 11/1 at 11pm. Final Exam: during finals period. Is a mac application that comes in handy when dealing with busy days. This utility provides you with a quick and easy way to keep track of your daily assignments, set reminders for important tasks, and sync your to-do lists to the server of the developers so that you can access the data from your mobile phone.

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Late homework will not be accepted. Homework that is unreadable may not be graded. Homework will be posted on the course moodle page. The numbers will also be posted on the syllabus, for those with great the same edition. Exams are self-scheduled at biography the Science library, and are closed book and closed notebook. Each is two hours long. You are allowed to bring one 3x5 index card to the first exam, two 3x5 index cards to the second, and three 3x5 index cards to the final. At least one problem on each exam will be taken from the homework with minimal modification.

daily assignments

Reporter: The reporter writes a report of the team's activities for plan the homework set, noting when and for how long the team met, how roles were assigned, how the work went, and any problems or interesting points that came. The reporter is also responsible for discussing the team's solutions in class. Roles should change between problem sets and can change between problems on a single set. It's okay to have the same reporter on an entire set! The whole team is responsible for all of the work on each homework set, so everyone should help edit and revise the writer's output until everyone is hhappy with the result. Due dates are noted on the assignments and on the syllabus. The two lowest homework scores will be dropped.

group homework set due per week. The problems on these sets are more challenging than the daily assignments (and more closely resemble exam questions!). Each group will have about four people; you will be assigned different groups throughout the semester. Part of your assignment is to work together effectively as a team. To help do that, each person in the group takes one of four roles: Moderator: The moderator moderates the discussion, making sure that everyone's questions are answered and that everyone is comfortable with the final solution. Investigator: The investigator (or skeptic!) asks questions, including why claims are true, whether you've solved all of the problem, and whether the explanation is detailed enough. Writer: The writer writes a first draft of the assignment.

I expect you to watch them (or to skim the assigned chapters from the text) for at least 15 minutes before class. We will use webWork, an online homework system, loyalty for daily assignments to practice and consolidate new skills. The four lowest WebWork assignments will be dropped. Our WebWork page is ith. Login information will be provided in class. This is the first semester we've used WebWork at Smith. You are the pioneers!

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Grades and Expectations, grades will be based on, of course, all students are expected to abide by the. Smith College honor Code. Aside from the obvious, in math you should write all answers in your own words (having first put away others' writing) and you should write down any resources you use on homework (websites, books, consulting with other people, etc.). Preparing for class: like basketball and violin, math is learned by doing not qualitative by watching. Class participation is critical: i expect that you'll do your part to keep the energy level of the class high. I also expect that you attend class every day; if illness or another serious problem prevents you from coming, let me know. The syllabus contains links to mini-lectures on many of the topics we cover.

daily assignments
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Get inspired and upload your own pictures. He edits through the daily submissions to your Shot and curates assignments.Culinary Institute (egci please post your questions about evaluating Wine here, as well as your comments about the assignments and your results. If you have not completed the daily assignments.

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  2. Reading assignments tend to be shorter (usually less than 20 pages per class). Quick link to daily assignments. We will use webWork, an online homework system, for daily assignments to practice and consolidate new skills.

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