Essays similarities between management and administration

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essays similarities between management and administration

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Preliminary budget guidelines presented. Feb: Operating budgets out to departments for completionMarch: Depts submit budgets; review meetings held with dept heads/deansApril 2: FY14 capital and operating budget presented to reynolda cabinetApproval for funding for personnel and non-personnel budgets, strategic initiatives, and capital not finalized until April meetingCapital Budgetrefers. Depending on the internal structure and resources within their school/unit, that VP/Dean determines the process and team that will review needs and coordinate submissions. Wfu leadership then prioritizes the requests and approves based on available funding. All approved capital funding (to be funded centrally by the general University) is held at the central level and released for transfer to a project (p by each as deemed l approved capital projects for Facilities are then budgeted in a special Facilities Capital Department. Operating BudgetIncludes funding for both salaries (personnel) and supplies, equipment, furniture, printing, travel, memberships, services, utilities, etc (non-personnel) that are required to conduct daily ongoing operations and which are funded from unrestricted operating revenues. Tuition, fees, interest income, unrestricted gifts, unrestricted endowment ttom-Up.

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Transparencyusctransparency at high levelfoia/State recordsBig Budget grow bookbudget amp; Control Transparency hubtm. EduBudget development processNot a lot of overt transparency across departmentsBut can find itSalariesOver 50k individuals available on management b amp;cb and newspaper databaseUnder 50k individuals by pay grade listed in Salary rosterGenerally 4k rangeraises State legislature mandates (or not) across the board raisesbot can mandate across. Edu/Annual Campus Financial Briefing by cfo, hof Milam (explains budget for the reynolda campus for the upcoming fiscal year)Budget development process (no transparency across departments)Salaries (no transparencies)Used to be an announcement of average salary percentage of increase. That is no longer done, there is a merit pool and it is only known by Administration. Faculty salaries by group rank shared in Fact book. Look at the Chronicle of he to find Presidents salary! At Library level, salary is determined by Administration and only shared to the director level. Budget developmentuscannual Budget CalendarFall review - novemberSingle spreadsheet from budget analystBlueprint Announcement amp; instructions December/JanuaryGenerally due late februaryBudget frozen February 28thBudget hearing late march April5-year spreadsheet due mid-MarchSpring review responses due late marchA fund web-based budget due mid-AprilCarryforward estimates due late Aprilbot approves budget. October bot meeting reviews past fiscal year resultsnovember: Preliminary budget assumptions to reynolda cabinet (University senior Administration)nov-dec: reviews of construction/renovation requests, tuition/fee budget, and other recommendationsDec-Jan: leadership finalized FY14 in preparation for presentation to bot in Feb. Bot approves tuition and fees at February meeting.

Over 100 funds; only 10 at deans discretionwfurevenue funds (Reynolda campus)Student tuition and fees (less student aid) (45.1)Planned enrollment growth for friendship 4 years ending in 2011-12Allowed funding for strategic initiativesFY14 second year without significant incremental revenue from enrollment growthgovernment grants and contracts (Federal:.8; State:.4)Private. The gift) will purchase units in an investment pool. A pool is the collection of gifts and their associated appreciation that has been gathered together (pooled) for the purpose of wake forest University, the pool is managed by the Office of Investments and holds the pooled endowments for reynolda campus, reynolda house, and the. An average per unit market value is calculated using data points from the previous three june and December closeszsr library has 17 endowment restricted funds (ranging in annual spendable revenue from a few hundred dollars to over 500K). The largest one of these feeds into the operating budget and is used to purchase materials.13 Restricted contributions (accounts that can only be spent in certain ways) Restricted funds where the donor has designated that 100 of the gift may be used for a specific. D fundOne major designated fund is the d fund where we receive 10 from all indirect costs for grants on the reynolda campus when allowed. The dean negotiated for this in 2008, had not existed prior to that. It is now a major source of funding for expanding our collection and to support a variety of other initiatives that are unfunded in the capital/operating jor benefit of these funds is that they carry over from year to antsHistorically, this has been a very.

essays similarities between management and administration

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45 miles of shelvingBusinessMusicHollings Special Collections Library rbsc amp; scpcmircscl oldest free-standing academic libraryAnnexTo provide the best collections, facilities, services, and faculty/staffFinancial Services Organizational StructureState/governor, budget amp; Control boardChief Financial Officerdivision of Business and FinanceBusiness AffairsPurchasing OfficeFinance amp; Accounting ServicesBudget OfficeBursarControllerContract amp; Grant managerAdministrative assistantBudget. Vp for Budget and Financial Planning (reports to vp)This depts focus is on budget development and reporting, as well as forecasting (for current house and future years) and trend analysis. Bfp handles all questions/issues regarding current and future budgets, costing/sizing of new programs, as well as requests for additional funding (i.e. Budget adjustments are also handled through the budget Office. Fasfinancial Accounting Services (fas general accounting, endowment amp; gifts questions regarding posted revenues and expenses, corrections/JEs, and account code issues need to be directed to fas.@ Library levelDean reports to Provosts Office; Vice Provost for Budget and PlanningSmall staff, so we dont have a person. Until a year ago, was managed by the library dean. Division of Labor (Resources Services handles the collection budget development and expenditure in consultation with Library Administration)Budget sizefy14: operating will be approximately 8M; personnel 3M;.3M; remainder to other operating costs. Source of Fundsuscstate fundsCome from ProvostState money, tuition, fees, etc.90 of budgetPre-2008 vcm model; post-2008 centralizedhave not had any cuts since economic collapsehave had periodicals increase every year3 raise last yearGrants6Only receive idc for library grantsrevenue fundsMostly copier amp; UniprintHollings room RentFines amp; lost books2Endowments.

Similarities differences in Financial Management Between a small Private and a large public University. Upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, no downloads, no notes for slide. Similarities amp; Differencesin Financial Management Between a small Private anda large public UniversitySusan Sharpless Smith,. Smith reynolds Library, wake forest UniversityMary. Horton, University libraries, University of south Carolinaalfmo conference, march 10, 2013. Overviewuscuscflagship university of sccarnegie 1 Research Universitygovernor/Board of Trustees8 Campusesusc columbiaEnrollment: 31,000In-state tuition: : 10,488Urban campusMission: to establish and maintain excellence in its student population, faculty, academic programs, living and learning environment, technological infrastructure, library resources, research and scholarship, public and private support and endowment;. University librariesThomas cooper Library 290, 000.

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essays similarities between management and administration

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Furthermore, he/she needs to make sure that policies and goals are understood by managers and employees. Authority and status, the manager has limited authority if compared to the administrator or to senior management but he/she has more authority than regular employees. He/she faces competition within the organization. The administrator has more authority than the manager in particular if he/she is also an investor in the company. In general, the administrator does not face competition within the organization. Manager and administrator are two key figures in any medium and large organization. In small businesses, their roles and tasks often overlap and may be even taken upon one single individual.

Yet, larger business need a sharper distinction among different roles to maximize efficiency and productivity. In general, the administrator is responsible for setting and developing main companys policies and objectives in compliance with national and international regulations whereas the manager is responsible for the pragmatic implementation of such policies. Both figures aim at promoting the image of the organization and at enhancing productivity: the administrator has higher authority and his/her work is related to the legal and financial aspects of the company whereas the manager is responsible for hiring and training new employees, and. ( 1 votes, average:.00 out of 5) : If you like this article or our site. Please spread the word. Share it with your friends/family. Successfully reported autobiography this slideshow.

Yet, building on the differences outlined in the previous section, we can identify other key aspects that clearly differentiate the tasks and roles of managers and administrators within a company. Manager, administrator, nature of work, the manager needs to make sure that the policies of the organization are understood and respected by all employees. He/she can set short and long-term goals (in line with general goals of the company decided by the administrator and senior management) to motivate the employees. The administrator sets and decides the main policies of the company ensuring that they comply with national and international regulations. He/she is also responsible of overseeing the performance of all branches of the organization.

The manager works in close contact with other employees and hires new recruits. He has the duty of training new hires and of nurturing and motivating employees. He/she also organizes tasks and monitors the work of his/her team. The administrator is not largely involved in team management. He/she does not take part in the hiring process, in particular of new recruits. The administrator sets the overall goals and policies of the company rather than ensuring the pragmatic implementation of strategies. Promotion of the company, the manager promotes the company by ensuring high productivity and by making sure that all employees understand their role and complete their tasks in an efficient manner. The manager can increase productivity by providing training and advice and by understanding strengths and weaknesses of each employee. The administrator promotes the company by setting ambitious (yet achievable) goals and by ensuring that the organization complies with all national and international regulations.

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Conversely, the manager must make sure that his/her work (as well as the work of his/her team) complies life with general rules and regulations set biography out by the administrative branch; The administrator can be a link between the manager and the senior management team. He/she is key to the good organization of any company. The manager has limited authority but at the same time is considered responsible for lower productivity or internal/team problems; and. The manager selects and hires employees for his/her team, choosing the best candidates on the basis of their skills, personal attributes and competencies. The manager needs to make sure that new recruits are adequately trained and welcomed by their new team. Conversely, the administrator does not participate in the hiring process in particular for entry-level jobs. Manager vs Administrator, the duties of managers and administrator can vary according to the structure and hierarchy of a given company. Furthermore, in small or family-run businesses, their roles often overlap.

essays similarities between management and administration

often liaise and communicate to identify policies and practices that may benefit the company and increase profits. The two roles, then, have some similarities: Both manager and administrator have a higher position compared to other employees; Both work to promote the company and to increase profit; In both cases, the person in charge is required to have a relevant academic background and/or. Both need managerial skills. What is the difference between Manager and Administrator? Manager and administrator are two key figures in any medium-large company. Their skills and expertise are essential to promote the company, to ensure adherence to laws and regulations, and to ensure the smooth delivery of all operational activities. Yet, their roles and tasks are in general quite different: The manager works in close contact with the other employees and is responsible for the correct functioning and development of specific branches/departments of the company. Conversely, the administrator is above the manager and is responsible for deciding and setting the policies and goals of all sectors of the organization; The administrator is responsible for setting and outlining compliance policies and general rules of the organization. He/she is also in charge of planning and controlling the administrative budget and of developing an adequate asset management strategy.

In most cases, the manager is house a hired employee and his/her authority varies according to the structure of the company and to his/her experience and competencies. Finally, depending on the size and structure of a company, there can be more than one manager within one organizations: manager are responsible for all operational activities within their assigned department/branch. Who is the Administrator? The administrator is generally part of the legal and administrative branches of a company. In other words, the administrator is responsible for determining the main policies and goals of the organization/business which will later be implemented by the manager. The administrator takes care of logistics and has to make sure that the companys policies are in line with international and national laws and regulations. In general, the administrator does not intervene in the concrete implementation of strategies and policies, but may liaise with the manager to verify progresses and to evaluate performances.

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In order for an office or a company to run smoothly and perform well, tasks and roles must be neatly and precisely divided. In small offices and family-run companies, roles and duties may overlap, but large businesses need a clear hierarchic structure. Two of the most important positions which are often covered by the same person in small companies are manager and administrator. Managerial and administrative tasks are key to the success of the business and require different competencies and abilities. Who is the manager? Within a company, the manager is the person in charge of putting into practice policies and objectives decided by the owners or by the executive board. The manager often works in direct contact with the employees and has the responsibility of ensuring the smooth delivery biography of all operational activities.

essays similarities between management and administration
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  6. Similarities between, manager and Administrator. Difference, between, business, management and, administration. Essays similarities between management and administration, study author Birkmeyer said the findings also suggest that similar evaluations of technical.

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