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Due to the nature of my business, most aspects have been relatively straightforward. An ongoing issue is ensuring my content appeals at a global level, as health writing can mean different things in different countries not to mention regulatory issues which are country specific. Also, time (or lack of) is a constant challenge. Balancing health Writer Hub with freelancing and raising two little girls under three while staying sane is a skill Im still mastering. What is one idea you are willing to give away for free? What people/companies/organisations do you think are doing really cool stuff in your industry at the moment? Im looking forward to seeing how online job seeking and recruiting will develop with businesses like oneshift in Australia being so successful. I love the Oneshift concept.

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Webinars are great, but I like the nature freedom and flexibility of being able to access a training module whenever it suits. Last-minute client work can crop up which makes attending webinars tricky. We have some fabulous topics planned and I cant wait to roll these out in the coming months. Im also collaborating with a new medical writing marketplace start-up and Im looking forward to seeing how this progresses. Im not usually someone who ventures out from behind my laptop screen, but Im speaking at the australasian Medical Writers Association Annual Conference in Sydney on 29-30 August. The theme is overdoing it: tests, treatment tonics and Ill be talking about the business of writing. How do you make ideas happen? I always talk about my ideas with my husband. He runs his own business in the restaurant industry and the entrepreneurial mindset seems to come naturally to him, whereas I need to work harder. We like to bounce ideas off each other rymans because we bring completely different skills and perspective to the table. What challenges have you faced when starting or growing a business/organisation in Australia?

The more professional, relevant medical experience and understanding you have, the better your writing will. Plus, health professionals tend to prefer to work with writers who have specific expertise in health (my clients have often told me this, and ive employed writers for the health companies ive worked for as well). So you could say my the passion for quality health content, combined with my interest in the digital space, motivated me to form health Writer Hub. Ive always been a technically-savvy writer ; I create my own websites, i edit php, css and html. I like to understand how the technology Im utilising works and i enjoy solving my own problems. Its been exciting watching membership and engagement grow since january and ive had a lot of positive feedback about the site from my members. So far, so good! What are you working on right now and what are you most excited about in the next three months? I am working with some medical writers and we are producing a series of online training modules.

health writer hub

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M @michellegwriter facebook, tell us a little bit about your idea and what made you decide to take the plunge and make it happen? When I began to play in the freelance writing arena a while ago, i decided to focus on health, because the majority of my professional writing experience had come from employment at health and medical businesses. Interestingly, i had clients coming to me as soon as I put my freelance health writing website online, and most of my clients continued to come through website enquiries. This told me that there was a demand for niche writers in the health space. I initially thought of creating a recruitment site for health writers and the idea for a full-scale community developed from there; the more time i spent as a freelance health writer, the more i realised that there was no global resource for health writers. While there are professional medical writing associations, they often have restrictive membership criteria and limited scope. Similarly, there are plenty of writing communities that offer generic writing advice; however, health is an area where content expertise can make or break a piece of writing. Like many health and medical writers, i believe you need an understanding of health and medical terminology, industry, research, issues, ethics and controversies in order to produce high quality and accurate content.

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health writer hub

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Join 7,000 other writers who are enhancing their skills. You'll receive the latest health writing advice and course news. Michelle guillemard created, health, writer, hub to help you write high-quality, life-changing health content. Here you will find tools and resources to empower yourself so you can use your skills and experience to build a essay successful writing career and write high-quality health content. Michelle is the founder of, health, writer.

Hub, a new global community of writers who specialise in health and medicine. Hub offers blogs, job listings, mentoring, a professional health writer directory, forums and resources for both beginners and professionals. Michelle has specialised in health writing for a number of years and has worked with leading medical journals and publishing companies, global health businesses, and health start-ups. Originally from Melbourne, michelle resides in Sydneys Northern beaches with her husband and two little girls. One year from now youll wish you had started today. Six months from now youll wish you had started today.

I appreciate your aims and objectives are different to everyone elses. To help you improve the quality of your writing. Health writing isnt easy it involves making sense of scientific and medical concepts then translating those messages to the right audience in the best way. As a health writer, you care about inspiring your readers and enhancing their health knowledge. By improving the quality of your writing, youll be enabling and empowering your readers to make informed choices about their health.

I care about helping you take your writing from good to life-changing so you can encourage positive change. To help you grow your career. If you create health and medical content everything from articles to blogs, marketing content, patient handouts, social media, ebooks, video content and more your learning is never done. Whether youre relatively new or have twenty years of experience under your belt, constant learning is the only way you can stay up-to-date with your profession and give yourself opportunities for career growth. To help you create better health outcomes. I believe high-quality health writing has the power to improve health outcomes, motivate people to take control of their health, and change lives. So, what do you say are you ready to enhance your skills and grow your health writing career with me? Let's start by getting you on the list.

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Dinethra lives in Sydney with her husband, two active young sons and a resumes cat named Simba. She is a member of amwa and has completed Medicines Australias cep. My mission Here are the principles that guide my work here at health Writer Hub. To support you as you navigate your health writing plan journey. I recognise your journey is unique. You might be looking for health writing advice or hoping to learn more about consumer health writing. You could be interested in pursuing freelancing or opportunities for industry-specific networking and career growth.

health writer hub

I believe that, as health writers, we have a responsibility to promote adherence, foster knowledge growth, inspire behaviour change green and, ultimately, create better health outcomes. If we continue to enhance the quality of our content, we can help to improve global health standards and change lives. Thats where Im coming from, and thats what I hope you get out of being a part of my little corner of the web. About Dinethra dinethra menon is my trusted blogger and health writer. . Shes also a freelance medical and science writer herself, with over a decade of experience. Dinethra has a bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne and a postgraduate diploma in genetic counselling. Working in the pharmaceutical and medical indemnity industries, she has written medical conference reports, pharmaceutical drug summaries, clinical protocols and medical education.

surgery, liver surgery, psychology, neuroscience, neurosurgery, the chemistry of extraction, radiation therapy, and much more. Ive also lectured medical students on the art of clear writing and, through health Writer Hub, ive taught hundreds of students about health writing. As well as writing and teaching my passion here at health Writer Hub, im currently serving my third year as President of the australasian Medical Writers Association. I contribute to the european Medical Writers Association journal, and I run health communication training workshops for healthcare brands and businesses. I founded health Writer Hub because i care about helping you inspire change through effective health communication. I collect best-practice advice based on the latest health communication research to help us all write high-quality health content. For me, health writing is about producing content thats clear, engaging, convincing, and trustworthy.

Principles of Medical Copywriting a 4-week course blending copywriting technique and strategy with career planning. Breaking Into, health, writing a 12-day course introducing you to the health medical writing field, if youre not quite ready for a course, dont click away just yet. You might like to start by reading my blog about health medical writing. My 200 blog posts cover writing strategies, finding work, best-practice health writing techniques, freelancing, and evidence-based health communication. My resources and advice are for health professionals and writers who are relatively new to writing and the health industry. Most of the people who take my courses are aspiring writers, new copywriters, doctors, health professionals, health coaches, scientists, academics, PhDs, health bloggers, technical writers, students, and industry professionals. So, regardless of whether you want to improve your writing skills or grow your career, theres plenty of free help on health Writer Hub for you. About me i teresa worked in a range of health and medical writing roles before transitioning to freelance writing in 2012. (you can read more about my work history and qualifications on my linkedIn profile and, while youre there, please feel free to connect with.

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Im Michelle guillemard, and I created. Health, writer, hub to help you write high-quality, life-changing health content. I teach people from all over the world who are looking for guidance, skill development, and an understanding of the vast career options in health communication. Health writing is an evolving, exciting discipline and, no two pathways are the same. You can read more about my journey a little later. As your health writing teacher, I give you tools and resources to empower you so you can use your skills and experience to build a successful writing career and write high-quality health content. Heres an overview of the courses on offer. Health, writer, hub : Introduction to, health, writing my flagship, accredited 6-week online course, teaching you how to write best-practice health content and create better points health outcomes by inspiring healthy behaviour change. How to become a freelance, health, writer a 6-week guide to setting up your freelance health writing business.

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  3. Press question mark to see available shortcut keys. Health Writer Hub aims to help freelancers develop expertise in writing about medicine. Much to the chagrin of medical professionals, the internet has allowed people from all over the world to self-diagnose and easily get information that should most likely be coming from doctors.

  4. Health Writer Hub, a new global community of writers who specialise in health and medicine. Health Writer Hub offers. Health Writer Hub - google.

  5. Michelle guillemard created, health Writer Hub to help you write high-quality, life-changing health content. Here you will find tools and resources to empower yourself so you can use your skills and experience to build a successful writing career and write high-quality health content. Michelle is the founder.

  6. Discover the essential best practices of high-quality health writing, readability, compliance and engagement. Health Writer Hub is on a mission to connect writers from all over the world who specialise in health and medicine. Writing courses and resources for aspiring health writers.

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