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spiritual autobiography books

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Simultaneous release with the harper San Francisco hardcover (Forecasts, may 1). (Apr.) Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information. Publishers weekly - publisher's weekly winner of this year's Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album, this production is a delight in every way, with the narration by poitier appropriately dramatic and mellifluous. The story of his meteoric and fated rise to fame as a successful actor respected by his peers almost belies his hardscrabble beginnings on Cat Island off the coast of the bahamas. And the "lucky star" poitier falls under is actually the common denominator among all successful people: a willingness to work harder, and an innate resourcefulness, including the ability to listen to one's own instincts and to move when the time is right. If this sounds philosophical, it is; the book is much more than another celebrity memoir. It is not only poitier's reflection on a long life in the world of arts and entertainment but also a statement of his personal views on what it means to be a good man, honed in discussions with friends and fellow travelers on life's journey. Mark pumphrey, polk Cty.

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M poitier's diction is crisp and page his deep, velvety voice caresses every word. Cleveland Plain dealer poitier. Has wonderfully confiding tone as he begins reading what is subtitled his spiritual autobiography. Lancaster Sunday news If there was ever an actor whose life and work influenced his time, it was Sidney poitier. Richard Masur given the personal nature of this narrative, it's impossible to imagine hearing anyone other than poitier, with his distinctive, resonant voice and perfect enunciation, tell the story. In his second memoir poitier talks about his childhood in the caribbean, where he was terribly poor by American standards, but quite happy, swimming and climbing all he could. One of eight kids, poitier was sent to live with an older brother in miami when he started to get into difficulties as a teen. But frustrated by his inability to earn a living and by the disparaging way whites treated him, poitier left miami for New York. There he worked as a dishwasher, started a drama class and launched a celebrated acting career that led to starring roles in such classics as to sir, with love and raisin in the sun. Poitier's rendition of these events is so moving that listeners will wish this audio adaptation were twice as long.

Available now wherever books are sold. Table of Contents, acknowledgments paperwork ix, introduction xi 1, the Idyll 1 2, departures. The time of Ashes 47 4, life in Black and White 71 5 a patch of Blue 97 6 Why do White folks love sidney poitier So? 117 7 Destruction of Resurrection? 139 8 Legacies 163 9 Stargazing 193 10 The nature of Opposites 207 11 The measure of a man 231 Index 245 Editorial reviews In this powerful book, poitier shares his touchsotnes with us and makes us question what foundations guide our own lives. Ebony sidney poitier's is perhaps as influential and groundbreaking a career as any in Hollywood history. He came to new York from his boyhood home in the bahamas and, after a rocky start, went on to star in such memorable classics as Blackboard Jungle, a raisin in the sun, lillies of the field (for which he won the best Actor Oscar. In his spiritual memoir, The measure of a man, poitier looks back at his pioneering life and career and the lessons learned along the way.

spiritual autobiography books

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And then I could come down and pick it up and eat and get my stomach full. I would eat until hibernation I got a bellyache, and then I would get more of my mother's bush medicine-god-awful-tasting grass weeds or bitter roots of plants whose names i've never known or chunks of aloe vera i would have to force myself to swallow. And then I was off again looking for cocoa plums. Or standing on the rocks by the sea and fishing with a piece of thread and a straight pin that I'd bent into a hook. I did all those things, and it was fun, because on such an island poverty wasn't the depressing, soul-destroying force that it can be under other conditions. The measure Of a man. Copyright by sidney poitier. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

She watched as the ocean swallowed me, second by second. Then, mercifully, my father's hands reached under, fished me out, and handed me back up to my mother. Who threw me back in again, and again and again, until she was convinced that i knew how to swim. There were snakes on the island, but none poisonous. There were black widow spiders that were poisonous, but I doubt that my parents were fearful I would get killed by any of them. I mean, there were risks and there were hazards, but I could go anywhere, and I had myself as company. I knew from observation that the sapodilla tree produced fruit, plump, grayish brown, soft, juicy, and delectable, at least twice a year, and that's where the wasps' nests were that got me unexpectedly and repeatedly. I learned early that if I got up high in a sapodilla tree, rather than crawling out on limbs to see if the fruit was ripe enough to eat, i could rattle the top branches of the tree and ripe fruit would come loose from.

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spiritual autobiography books

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Our cultural "authenticity" extended to having neither plumbing nor electricity, and we didn't have much in the movie way of schooling or jobs, either. In a word, we were poor, but poverty there was very different from poverty in a modern place characterized by concrete. It's not romanticizing the past to state that poverty on Cat Island didn't preclude gorgeous beaches and a climate like heaven, cocoa plum trees and sea grapes and cassavas growing engels in the forest, and bananas growing wild. Cat Island is forty-six miles long and three miles wide, and even as a small child I was free to roam anywhere. I climbed trees by myself at four and five years old and six and seven years old. I would get attacked by wasps, and I would go home with both eyes closed from having been stung on the face over and over.

I would be crying and hollering and screaming and petrified, and my mom would take me and treat me with bush medicines from the old culture that you wouldn't believe, and then I would venture back out and go down to the water and fish. I would even go in sometimes and swim by myself. I had the confidence, because when I was very small my mother threw me in the ocean and watched without moving as I struggled to survive. She watched as I screamed, yelled, gulped, and flailed in a panic-stricken effort to stay afloat. She watched as I clawed desperately at the water, unable to manage more than a few seconds before starting to sink beneath the surface.

So what am I doing with my time? Steeped in this foul, self-critical mood I lie back and close my eyes, trying to empty my head of all thought. It's late, time to sleep, so i determine to focus on that empty space in my consciousness and try to drift off. But images begin to come to me, infiltrating that darkness. Soft, sensuous images of a time very early inmy life when things were so much simpler, when my options for entertainment couldn't be counted on a scale from 1. I'm on the porch of our little house on Cat Island in the bahamas.

It's the end of the day and evening is coming on, turning the sky and the sea to the west of us a bright burnt orange, and the sky and the sea to the east of us a cool blue that deepens to purple and. In the gathering darkness, in the coolness of our porch, my mother and father sit and fan the smoke from green palm leaves they're burning to shoo away the mosquitoes and the sand flies. And as she did so often when I was small, my sister Teddy takes me in her arms to rock me to sleep. While she's rocking me in her arms, she too is fanning the smoke that comes from the big pot of green leaves being burned, and she fans the smoke around me as I try to go to sleep in her arms. That's the way the evenings always were on Cat Island. In the simplicity of that setting i always knew how I was going to get through the day and how Mom and Dad were going to get through the day and how, at the end of it, we were all going to sit on this. On that tiny spit of land they call Cat Island, life was indeed very simple, and decidedly preindustrial.

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It's informed me of nothing beyond my own ignorance and my own frailties. But then I have the audacity to go up again! And what do i find? So at last, filled with loathing and self-disgust, i punch the damn tv off and throw the clicker across the room, muttering to myself, "What am I doing with my time?". It's not as if I'm without other resources or material short comforts, you follow? I've been very fortunate in life, and as I lie in my bed, i'm surrounded by beautiful things. Treasured books and art objects, photographs and mementos, lovely gardens on the balcony. After many years in this particular business in this particular town, i have a rich network of friends, some only a few steps away, dozens of others whom I could reach on the phone within resume seconds.

spiritual autobiography books

Pages: 272, sales rank: 114,948, product dimensions:.31(w).00(h).62(d read an Excerpt. The Idyll, it's late at night as I lie in bed in the blue glow wintel of the television set. I have the clicker in my hand, the remote control, and I go from 1 to 97, scrolling through the channels. I find nothing that warrants my attention, nothing that amuses me, so i scroll up again, channel by channel, from bottom to top. But already i've given it the honor of going from 1 to 97, and already i've found nothing. This vast, sophisticated technology and. It's given me not one smidgen of pleasure.

a result of this experience. What were the rewards? Did you overcome a weakness or fear and how has the experience made a difference in your life? Eligible for free shipping, oprahs book club, product Details. Isbn-13:, publisher: HarperCollins Publishers, publication date: 01/26/2007, series: Oprah's book club Series, edition description: Oprah's book club Edition.

Who were some significant role models for you? As a young adult, where did you go for spiritual insight? What kind of peak experiences did you have or what kind of community were you seeking? Create an outline of events from the above that you want to explore from a spiritual perspective. Describe the situation and your role. What went particularly well, with a minimum of effort? What special challenges did you overcome? What special talents did you use? What values were met and which were being challenged or threatened?

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The Challenge for Africa (New York: Pantheon, 2009; Vintage/Anchor, 2010). In her comprehensive and eksempel detailed examination of the complex and dynamic nature of the African continent, Professor maathai offers both hard-headed hope and realistic options for change and improvement, and analyses the most egregious bottlenecks to development in Africa occurring at the international, national, and. She deftly describes what Africans can and need to do for themselves, stressing all the while responsibility and accountability. Click on the links to buy the Challenge for Africa in the following countries: North America, amazon amazon Kindle * m nook reader audiobook,. In order to transform a personal or professional experience into spiritual insight and understanding it is necessary to gain some perspective the writing of ones spiritual autobiography can cover your entire life, or you can select several significant experiences and write about them in detail. Use the lifeLine Exercise to identify the events you might wish to write about. Consider events in your life that were formative to your beliefs. As a child, what were some significant spiritual experiences? Then think of yourself as an adolescent and remember the first time you might have believed something different from your family.

spiritual autobiography books
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  2. Hailed in The washington Post as one of the most eloquent and probing public intellectuals in America. In order to transform a personal or professional experience into spiritual insight and understanding it is necessary to gain some perspective the writing of ones spiritual autobiography can cover your entire life, or you can select several significant experiences and write about them in detail. In this candid spiritual memoir, legendary actor Sidney poitier reflects on life itself as he reveals the spiritual depth, passion, and intellectual fervor that has driven his remarkable life. Note: The Green Belt movement is a member of ms Associates program.

  3. Spiritual Autobiography: Discovering and Sharing your Spiritual Story (Spiritual Formation Series) Richard peace. Free shipping on qualifying offers. Darling: a spiritual Autobiography richard Rodriguez. An awardwinning writer delivers a major reckoning with religion, place, and sexuality in the aftermath of 9/11.

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