Thesis hiv aids

Thesis on hiv aids

thesis hiv aids

Thesis for hiv and aids research paper

Some modern event must have aided in the transition of siv to hiv. Our research indicates that serial passage of partially adapted siv between humans could produce the series of cumulative mutations sufficient for the emergence of epidemic hiv strains. We conclude that increased unsterile injecting in Africa during the period provided the agent for siv human infections to emerge as epidemic hiv in the modern era. Drucker e,. 11 I might interject at this point that this conclusion by Drucker et al, although seriously undermining natural evolution theorists, reflects a myopic arrogance unbecoming to their otherwise reasonable hypothesis. Their conclusion neglects the risks inherent in the hepatitis b vaccine manufacturing and testing process as detailed below consistent with the analyses of myers. 10 Obviously, all of the above authoritative statements contradict common knowledge. The consensus of scientists at this historic British aids origin conference favored additional investigations into possible iatrogenic sources of the hivs.

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The onus is upon the supporters of the natural not iatrogenic theory to account for the unexpectedly large number of hiv-1 subtypes. Exponential growth students of the epidemic(s) is not by itself a satisfactory explanation (Hahn. The likeliest source of the multiple subtypes and the synchronization of their conspicuous diversification is a punctuated origin. E., an iatrogenic event. It is not far-fetched to imagine the ten or so clades deriving from a single animal (perhaps immuno-suppressed and possessing a swarm of variants) as might have been the case with chimpanzees used in the process of vaccine manufacture or from a few animals that. The number of animals required is secondary to the extent of variation in the source at the time of the zoonotic. E., transfer of the virus between species or iatrogenic event. The vaccine hypothesis makes a case for such a punctuated origin. Myers g,. 10 we conclude that siv vision cannot become a zoonosis, but requires adaptive mutations to become hiv.

Faced with the terrible burden of aids, stories that hiv was introduced into Africa from the west by an accident such as opv oral polio vaccine or intentionally by the usa central Intelligence Agency ( cia ) have gained widespread credence. Nevertheless, because natural transmission repeatedly occurs, albeit on rare occasions, does not mean that contamination of a vaccine could not have been the route on another occasion. As with other infections,. G., hepatitis b virus, natural and iatrogenic transmissions of retroviruses are not mutually exclusive. Weiss, ra 6 Despite studies that have advanced evidence suggesting an earlier than 1970 origin of hiv/aids 7-9, the fact that there were ten or so synchronous but distinguishable African epidemics is a definitive feature of aids for which the natural transfer the theory. G., the cut hunter transfer gives no convincing account. To summarize these findings regarding the relatively large number of distinct group M subtypes: no set of likely natural conditions. Will adequately simulate so many as ten distinguishable subtypes in a complex star-like configuration.

thesis hiv aids

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4 These proceedings were published in 2001. quot;s relevant to reasoned consideration of this unique/yet-to-be-tested hepatitis b vaccine theory of hiv/aids follow. These statements were made by featured presenters, all recognized leaders in this multidisciplinary field discussing the polio vaccine theory of aids origination. The first of these"s is especially relevant to proposed investigations: There should be an investigation by an international committee mostly composed of non-medical people concerning how a rather obvious and plausible theory of aidss origin from contaminated vaccines came to be scorned and restricted. As a corollary it should be studied why the hypothesis had to be promoted mainly by outsiders to science and medicine. The reassures towards investigation (and non-investigation) that emanate from huge drug companies and their influence in slanting research in subtle ways should also be examined, as should the role of journals and peer review in potentially obstructing publications of controversial kinds. Hamilton, 5"d by julian Cribb in The origin of acquired immune deficiency syndrome: can science afford to ignore it?

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thesis hiv aids

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It is sad that public attention and resources are diverted to attend to such unscientific dribble. Man-made origin of aids thesis vaccine proponents do severe damage to the public health community and vaccination efforts. Those that advance man-made theories of aids have financial motives, as though there were no financial interests on the other side of the debate. As a pro bono consultant contacted recently. Amnesty International ai ) members who desired to advance a resolution for the global organization to investigate this hb vaccine thesis, i was appalled by the amount of resistance and politicking performed by members of AIs so-called hiv/aids task force which sought 1 billion. These funds, the task force reported, were urgently needed to buy drug-cocktails for persons with hiv/aids. Each of the five claims cited above were issued by members of this Task force completely ignorant of the following science.

With regard to the first offensive claim, as the sole author. Polio, hepatitis b and aids: an integrative theory on a possible vaccine induced pandemic published by harcourt Publishers, Ltd. Of London in the esteemed international journal of Medical Hypothesis, 2 this well-focused thesis has never been discussed, debated, nor dismissed by any consensus in any official capacity. Although Black Americans have been polled regarding the origin of hiv/aids being man-made, 3 there has never been a published polling of the scientific community in this regard, and certainly not one regarding the hb hypothesis advanced below. Hiv/aids origin Misconceptions Versus Science Opponents of iatrogenic (or man-made) theories of aids have routinely confused hearsay and sporadic media propaganda with hard den science, such as that discussed, debated and not dismissed recently at the royal Society of Londons inquiry into the origin of this. They exclusively focused on the theory that contaminated polio vaccines triggered the hiv/aids pandemic.

If what you are about to read is true, and each point is precisely stated and meticulously documented, beyond extensive depopulation, humanitys very survival may hinge on this recognition, its implications, and our considered response. Especially relevant, when reflecting on the following facts, is the wisdom addressed by the late. World health Organization wHO ) aids czar,. Jonathan Mann, whose life ended tragically on Flight 111 enroute to a european aids conference. More than a medical scientific problem,.

Mann said, aids is a sociopolitical imposition. Background, aids is undoubtedly man-made. We can now assert this very apparent iatrogenic origin, versus the theoretic iatrogenic origin of hiv/aids because of the rapidly increasing, now substantial, scientific support for this conclusion. Currently, international scientific consensus among leading investigators in this field, many of whose works and words are excerpted below, holds that hiv/aids originated from one or more extraordinary man-made, not natural, events dating back to the early to mid-1970s. Especially implicated in initiating the aids pandemic, according to many scientists and scholars, was the hepatitis b vaccine as detailed below. This may come as a surprise, or even quite a shock, to most people since the mainstream media and most respected medical journals have yet to herald the following knowledge. As a result most authorities still issue false and misleading claims such as: the hb vaccine theory of hiv/aids origination has been discussed, debated, and dismissed by an overwhelming majority of the hiv/aids research community. People who claim that aids was man-made provide false information and hearsay.

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Full Text Status: Public, date deposited: 13:03, uri: /id/eprint/4385. Downloads, downloads per month over past year. Export, ascii citationBibtexep3 xmlrdfxmlmetsmpeg-21 didlhtml citationOpenurl contextObject in SpanAtomSimple managerOpenurl contextObject). From, originOfAids, website, this article regards a matter of global urgency transcending better known. It describes a universal challenge posed by ever increasing numbers of plagues predicted to depopulate at least half of the worlds current human inhabitants within two generations. This documented science virtually proves, through the process of elimination and a review of the most updated evidence, the origin. Hiv/aids as an iatrogenic (i.e., man-made ) outcome of specific vaccination experiments. Considered reflection on this aids science, along with the sociopolitical correlates and antecedents of this current catastrophe, reveals the likelihood that myriad other immune dysfunctions, autoimmune diseases, and cancers, including leukemias, lymphomas, sarcomas, and other ailments surgery linked to viral infections, have resulted from previously engineered.

thesis hiv aids

Im dritten Kapitel stehen sprach - und Aspekte im Vordergrund. Bei der Betrachtung von Medien zu hiv/aids und ihrer Umsetzung im öffentlichen raum zeigen sich häufig Problemfelder in Hinsicht auf eine geeignete "lesbare" Visualisierung in der aids-präventionswerbung und einer sprachlich verständlichen Verwendung von Botschaften. Das vierte kapitel widmet sich der rezeption von Medien in Lusaka und dies in dem Vorort Kanyama. In drei abschnitte unterteilt werden bestimmte hiv/aids-schwerpunktthmen in gesundheitlichen Aufklärungskampagnen näher beleuchtet: beginnend mit sozialen und medizinischen Versorgungsmöglichkeiten über Sexualität und Glauben bis hin zur medialen Umsetzung von Gender-Themen. Im abschließenden Kapitel wird versucht, eine Antwort auf die aufgeworfenen Fragen zur Medienwahrnehmung zu geben sowie weiterführende und für die zukunft relvenate Fragestellungen zu den Themen Medieninhalte und Mediennutzung bei informations- und Präventionskampagnen zu skizzieren. Item Type: Thesis (PhD thesis creators: CreatorsEmailorcid, springer, Annabelle, unspecified. Urn: urn:nbn:de:hbz:38-43858, subjects: Customs, etiquette, folklore, uncontrolled keywords: keywordsLanguage, medien, medienrezeption, hiv, aids, sambia, kanyama, lusaka. German, faculty: Faculty of Arts and Humanities, divisions: Faculty of Arts and Humanities department war of Social and Cultural Anthropology. Language: German, date: 10 november 2010, date of oral exam:, referee: NameAcademic Title.

mediale Umsetzung aus? Werden Medien zu bestimmten hiv/aids-themen überhaupt wahrgenommen? Fühlen sich die rezipienten von den Botschaften angesprochen? Sind die zu vermittelnden Informationen "lesbar"? Die arbeit basiert auf mehreren Feldforschungsaufenthalten in der samibischen hauptstadt Lusaka 20In erster Linie wurden qualitative daten mit Hilfe von tiefeninterviews, leitfrageninterviews mit variablen Fragenkatalogen und teilnehmender beaobachtung erhoben. Die arbeit unterteilt sich in fünf Kapitel, in denen das Thema hiv/aids in seiner medialen Umsetzung und rezeption in Sambia dargestellt wird und anhand eines bestimmten Sample in Lusaka näher analysiert wird. Nach der Einführung in die thematik, gibt das zweite kapitel einen Überblick über den Forschungsgegenstand: die hiv/aids-situation in Sambia, eine darstellung der Medialisierung von hiv/aids in Sambia sowie eine Inhaltsanalyse der sambischen Printmedien.

Die epidemiologie hat sich aber durch die einführung von Medikamenten (haart) Mitte der 1990er Jahre für diejenigen, die zugang zu diesen haben verändert: Aus einer tödlichen Epidemie wurde eine chronische Krankheit. Mit diesem Wandel änderten sich auch die strategien im öffentlichen Gesundheitswesen. Informierte es anfangs hauptsächlich über die krankheit und ihre tödlichen Folgen, traten nun Themen wie betreuung und Unterstützung von Menschen, die mit dem Virus leben, in den Vordergrund. 2007 leben in Sambia ungefähr 11,7 Millionen Menschen, und die hiv-prävalenz bei erwachsenen great liegt bei 17 Prozent,. Fast jeder sechste Erwachsene ist mit hiv infiziert. In den letzten Jahren stagniert die neuinfektionsrate trotz positiver Behandlungsstrategien bzw. Einer der hauptgründe für diese Entwicklung ist die tatsache, dass sich immer mehr Menschen auf hiv testen lassen bzw. Getestet werden und nun auch bereits ältere Infektionen in die statistiken einfließen.

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Take charge of your Life! Medialisierung der hiv/aids-epidemie im review urbanen Sambia. PhD thesis, Universität zu köln. Aids geriet Anfang der 1980er Jahre ins Blickfeld der Öffentlichkeit. Die medialisierung der Epidemie in der westlichen Gesellschaft fokussierte auf homosexuelle Übertragungswege. Im laufe der letzten 25 Jahre hat sich das Virus weltweit ausgebreitet. Menschen aus allen bevölkerungsgruppen unabhängig von ihrer sexuellen neigung oder ihrem sozio-kulturellen Hintergrund sind mittlerweile davon betroffen.

thesis hiv aids
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  6. Hiv aids, prevention And Life skills Intervention in the dominican Republic. Thesis 72 pages (742.1 KB) Access copy of Master. They exclusively focused on the theory that contaminated polio vaccines triggered the. Hiv aids pandemic.also be persuaded to divulge valuable insights regarding this hb vaccine/origin.

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