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aids awareness essay

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Praise singers: sympathetic journalists and filmmakers who publicize the movement with uncritical and favorable opinion. They include journalists Celia farber, liam Scheff and neville hodgkinson; filmmakers Brent leung and Robert Leppo. Some of them had overlapping roles as board members of Rethinking aids and Alive and Well aids alternatives, were involved in the film house of Numbers, the Other Side of aids or on Thabo Mbeki 's aids advisory panel. Nattrass argued that hiv/aids denialism gains social traction through powerful community-building effects where these four organized characters form "a symbiotic connection between aids denialism and alternative healing modalities" and they are "facilitated by a shared conspiratorial stance toward hiv science". 87 Former denialists edit several of the few prominent scientists who once voiced doubts about hiv/aids have since changed their views and accepted the fact that hiv plays a role in causing aids, in response to an accumulation of newer studies and data. 88 root-Bernstein, author of Rethinking aids: The Tragic Cost of Premature consensus and formerly a critic of the causative role of hiv in aids, has since distanced himself from the hiv/aids denialist movement, saying, "Both the camp that says hiv is a pussycat and the. This is a distinction that denialists do not seem to understand." 89 Sonnabend has also criticized hiv/aids denialists for falsely implying that he supports their position, saying: Some individuals who believe that hiv plays no role at all in aids have implied that I support. Before hiv was discovered and its association with aids established, i held the entirely appropriate view that the cause of aids was then unknown.

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Duesberg's work has been published in Policy review, a journal once published by The heritage foundation but later acquired by the hoover Institution, 80 81 and by regnery publishing. Regnery published duesberg's Inventing the aids virus in 1996, 82 and journalist Tom Bethell 's The politically Incorrect guide to Science, in which he endorses hiv/aids denialism, in 2005. 83 Law professor Phillip. Johnson has accused the centers for Disease control of "fraud" in relation to hiv/aids. Describing the political aspects of the hiv/aids denialism movement, sociology professor Steven Epstein wrote in Impure Science that ". The appeal of duesberg's views to conservatives—certainly including those with little sympathy for the gay movement—cannot be denied." 85 The blog m has also published articles supportive of hiv/aids denialism. In a follow-up article in skeptical Inquirer, 87 Nattrass overviewed the prominent members of the hiv/aids denialist community and discussed the reasons of the intractable staying power of hiv/aids denialism in spite of scientific and medical consensus supported by over two decades language of evidence. She observed that despite being a disparate group of people with very different background and professions, the hiv/aids denialists self-organize to fill four important roles: 87 Hero scientists to provide scientific legitimacy: Most notably duesberg who plays the central role of hiv/aids denialism from the. Others include david Rasnick, étienne de harven, and Kary mullis whose nobel Prize makes him symbolically important. "Cultropreneurs" to offer fake cures in place of antiretroviral therapy : Matthias Rath, gary null, michael Ellner, and Roberto giraldo all promote alternative medicine and remedies with a dose of conspiracy theories in the form of books, healing products, radio shows and counseling services. Hiv positive living icons to provide proof of concept by appearing to live healthily without antiretroviral therapy: Christine maggiore was and still is the most important icon in the hiv/aids denialist movement despite the fact that she died of aids related complications in 2008.

9 One of the most famous and influential is duesberg, professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, berkeley, who since 1987 has disputed that the scientific evidence shows that hiv causes aids. 23 Other scientists associated with hiv/aids denialism include biochemists david Rasnick and Harvey bialy. Kary mullis, who was awarded a nobel Prize for his role in report the development of the polymerase chain reaction, has expressed sympathy for denialist theories. 71 biologist Lynn Margulis argued that "there's no evidence that hiv is an infectious virus" and that aids symptoms "mpletely" with those of syphilis. 72 Pathologist Étienne de harven also expressed sympathy for hiv/aids denial. 73 Additional notable hiv/aids denialists include australian academic ethicist Hiram Caton, the late mathematician Serge lang, 75 former college administrator Henry bauer, journalist Celia farber, american talk radio host and author on alternative and complementary medicine and nutrition Gary null, and the late activist Christine. 76 Nate mendel, bassist with the rock band foo fighters, expressed support for hiv/aids denialist ideas and organized a benefit concert in January 2000 for Maggiore's organization Alive well aids alternatives. 77 Organizations of hiv/aids denialists include the perth Group, composed of several Australian hospital workers, and the Immunity resource foundation. 78 hiv/aids denialism has received some support from political conservatives in the United States.

aids awareness essay

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They frequently invoke the meme of a lab "courageous independent scientist resisting orthodoxy invoking the name of persecuted physicist and astronomer Galileo galilei. 69 Regarding this comparison, goertzel states:.being a dissenter from orthodoxy is not difficult; the hard part is actually having a better theory. Publishing dissenting theories is important when they are backed by plausible evidence, but this does not mean giving critics 'equal time' to writing dissent from every finding by a mainstream scientist. — Goertzel, 2010 69 Denialist community edit denialists often use their critique of the link between hiv and aids to promote alternative medicine as a cure, and attempt to convince hiv-infected individuals to avoid arv therapy in favour of vitamins, massage, yoga and other unproven treatments. 70 Despite this promotion, denialists will often downplay any association with alternative therapies, and attempt to portray themselves as "dissidents". An article in the skeptical Inquirer stated: aids denialists prefer to characterize themselves as brave "dissidents" attempting to engage a hostile medical/industrial establishment in genuine scientific "debate." They complain that their attempts to raise questions and pose alternative hypotheses have been unjustly rejected or ignored. 70 several scientists have been associated with hiv/aids denialism, although they have not themselves studied aids or hiv.

Hiv does, however, meet Koch's postulates as long as they are not applied in a ridiculously stringent way". The author then demonstrated how each postulate has been met the suspected cause is strongly associated with the disease, the suspected pathogen can be both isolated and spread outside the host, and when the suspected pathogen is transmitted to a new and uninfected host, that. 2 65 The latter was proven in a number of tragic accidents, including an instance when multiple scientific technicians with no other known risk factors were exposed to concentrated hiv virus in a laboratory accident, and transmission by a dentist to patients, the majority. 2 In 2010, Chigwedere and Max Essex demonstrated in the medical journal aids and Behavior that hiv as the cause of aids fulfills both Koch's postulates and the Bradford Hill criteria for causality. 66 Early denialist arguments held that the hiv/aids paradigm was flawed because it had not led to effective treatments. However, the introduction of highly active antiretroviral therapy in the mid-1990s and dramatic improvements in survival of hiv/aids patients reversed this argument, as these treatments were based directly on anti-viral activity and the hiv/aids paradigm. 67 The development of effective anti-aids therapies based on targeting of the hiv virus has been a major factor in convincing some denialist scientists to accept the causative role of hiv in aids. Rticle on conspiracy theories in science, ted goertzel lists hiv/aids denialism as an example where scientific findings are being disputed on irrational grounds. He describes proponents as relying on rhetoric, appeal to fairness, and the right to a dissenting opinion rather than on evidence.

Essay topic aids awareness

aids awareness essay

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52 A response named the durban Declaration was issued affirming the scientific consensus that hiv causes aids: "The declaration has been signed by over 5,000 people, including Nobel Prize winners, directors of leading research institutions, scientific academies and medical societies, notably the us national Academy. In addition, thousands of individual scientists and doctors have signed, including many from the countries bearing the greatest burden of the epidemic. Signatories are handwriting of md, phD level or equivalent, although scientists working for commercial companies were asked not to sign." 13 In 2008, University of Cape town researcher Nicoli nattrass, and later that year a group of Harvard scientists led by zimbabwean physician Pride Chigwedere each. 14 15 Barbara hogan, the health minister appointed by Mbeki's successor, voiced shame over the studies' findings and stated: "The era of denialism is over completely in south Africa." 53 In 2009, Fraser McNeill wrote an article arguing that south Africa's reluctance to openly address. 54 Similarly, political scientist Anthony butler has argued that "South African hiv/aids policy can be explained without appeals to leadership irrationality or wider cultural denialism." ron Motsoaledi, the health Minister of south Africa, wrote an article for the centre for health journalism in which.

56 Denialists' claims and scientific evidence edit see also: duesberg hypothesis Although members of the hiv/aids denialist community are united by their disagreement with the scientific finding that hiv is the cause of aids, the specific positions taken by various groups differ. Denialists claim many incompatible things: hiv does not exist; hiv has not been adequately isolated, 57 hiv does not fulfill Koch's postulates, 58 hiv testing is inaccurate, 31 and that antibodies to hiv neutralize the virus and render it harmless. 59 Suggested alternative causes of aids include recreational drugs, malnutrition, and the very antiretroviral drugs used to treat the syndrome. 60 Such claims have been examined extensively in the peer-reviewed medical and scientific literature; a scientific consensus has arisen that denialist claims have been convincingly disproved, and that hiv does indeed cause aids. 2 61 In the cases cited by duesberg where hiv "cannot be isolated pcr or other techniques demonstrate the presence of the virus, 62 and denialist claims of hiv test inaccuracy result from an incorrect or outdated understanding of how hiv antibody testing is performed. 63 64 Regarding Koch's postulates, new Scientist reported: "It is debatable how appropriate it is to focus on a set of principles devised for bacterial infections in a century when viruses had not yet been discovered.

40 41 They continued to repeat this speculation through at least 2006. 42 In 1998, joan Shenton published the book positively false exposing the myths Around hiv and aids, which promotes aids denialism. In the book, shenton claims that aids is a conspiracy created by pharmaceutical companies to make money from selling antiretroviral drugs. 43 In 2006, celia farber, a journalist and prominent hiv/aids denialist, published an essay in the march issue of Harper's Magazine entitled "Out of Control: aids and the corruption of Medical Science in which she summarized a number of arguments for hiv/aids denialism and alleged. 44 Scientists and aids activists extensively criticized the article as inaccurate, misleading, and poorly fact-checked.

45 46 In 2007, members of the perth Group testified at an appeals hearing for Andre Chad Parenzee, asserting that hiv could not be transmitted by heterosexual sex. The judge concluded, "I reject the evidence of Ms Papadopulos-Eleopulos and Dr Turner. I conclude that they are not qualified to give expert opinions." 47 In 2009, a paper was published in the then non-peer-reviewed journal Medical Hypotheses by duesberg and four other researchers which criticized a 2008 study by Chigwedere. Which found that hiv/aids denialism in south Africa resulted in hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths from hiv/aids, because the government delayed the provision of antiretroviral drugs. The paper concluded that "the claims that hiv has caused huge losses of African lives are unconfirmed and that hiv is not sufficient or even necessary to cause the previously known diseases, now called aids in the presence of antibody against hiv." 48 Later that. Courts edit In 1998, hiv/aids denialism and parental rights clashed with the medical establishment in court when maine resident Valerie emerson fought for the right to refuse to give azt to her four-year-old son, nikolas Emerson, after she witnessed the death of her daughter tia. Her right to stop treatment was upheld by the court in light of "her unique experience." 50 nikolas Emerson died eight years later. The family refused to reveal whether the death was aids related. 51 south Africa edit In 2000, south Africa's President Thabo Mbeki invited several hiv/aids denialists to join his Presidential aids advisory panel.

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10 Willner died in 1995 of from a heart attack. 33 In 1995, a letter, similar to the resumes one submitted by The Group for the Scientific reappraisal of the hiv-aids hypothesis in 1991, was published in Science. 34 That same year, continuum, a denialist group, placed an advertisement in the British gay and lesbian magazine The pink paper offering a 1,000 reward to "the first person finding one scientific paper establishing actual isolation of hiv according to a set of seven steps. 35 The challenge was later dismissed by various scientists, including duesberg, asserting that hiv undoubtedly exists. 35 Stefan Lanka argued in the same year that hiv does not exist. 36 Also that year, the national Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases released a report concluding that "abundant epidemiologic, virologic and immunologic data support the conclusion that infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the underlying cause of aids." 37 38 In 1996, the. Have provided that evidence". The paper argued that duesberg was wrong regarding the cause of aids in haemophiliacs. In 1997, The perth Group questioned the existence of hiv, and speculated that the production of antibodies recognizing hiv proteins can be caused by allogenic stimuli and autoimmune disorders.

aids awareness essay

But I cannot see how this would be convincing to any scientifically trained reader." 27 In 1990, robert root-Bernstein published his first peer-reviewed article detailing his objections to the mainstream view of aids and hiv. 28 In it, he questioned both the mainstream view and the "dissident" view as potentially inaccurate. In 1991, The Group for the Scientific reappraisal of the hiv-aids hypothesis, comprising twelve scientists, doctors, and activists, submitted a short letter to various journals, but the letter was rejected. 29 In 1993, nature published an editorial arguing that duesberg had forfeited his right of reply by report engaging in disingenuous rhetorical techniques and ignoring any evidence that conflicted with his claims. 30 That same year, papadopulos-Eleopulos. Of the perth Group, alleged in the journal Nature biotechnology (then edited by fellow denialist Harvey bialy ) that the western blot test for hiv was not standardized, non-reproducible, and of unknown specificity due to a claimed lack of a " gold standard ". 31 On, robert Willner, a physician whose medical license had been revoked for, among other things, treating an aids patient with ozone therapy, publicly jabbed his finger with blood he said was from an hiv-infected patient.

groups of people are subconsciously acting out social conflicts. Schmidt compared aids to documented cases of epidemic hysteria in the past which were mistakenly thought to be infectious. (Schmidt himself would later die of aids in 1994.) 21 In 1986, the viruses discovered by montagnier and Gallo, found to be genetically indistinguishable, were renamed hiv. 22 In 1987, peter duesberg questioned the link between hiv and aids in the journal Cancer Research. 23 duesberg's publication coincided with the start of major public health campaigns and the development of zidovudine (AZT) as a treatment for hiv/aids. In 1988, a panel of the Institute of Medicine of the. National Academy of Sciences found that "the evidence that hiv causes aids is scientifically conclusive." 1 That same year, Science published Blattner, gallo, and Temin's "hiv causes aids 24 and duesberg's "hiv is not the cause of aids". 25 Also that same year, the perth Group, a group of denialists based in Perth, western Australia led by Eleni papadopulos-Eleopulos, published in the non-peer-reviewed journal Medical Hypotheses their first article questioning aspects of hiv/aids research, 26 arguing that there was "no compelling reason for. The editor of pnas initially resisted, but ultimately allowed duesberg to publish, saying, "If you wish to make these unsupported, vague, and prejudicial statements in print, so.

Public health researchers have attributed 330,000 to 340,000 aids-related deaths, along with 171,000 other hiv infections and 35,000 infant hiv infections, to the south African government's former embrace of hiv/aids denialism. 14 15 The interrupted use of antiviral treatments is also a major global concern as it potentially increases the likelihood of the emergence of antiviral-resistant strains of the virus. 16 Contents History edit a constellation of symptoms named " gay-related immune deficiency " was noted in 1982. In 1983, a group of scientists and doctors at the pasteur Institute in France, led by luc Montagnier, discovered a new virus in a patient with signs and symptoms that often preceded aids. 17 They named the virus lymphadenopathy-associated virus, or lav, and sent samples to robert Gallo 's team in the United States. Their findings were peer reviewed and slated for publication in Science. At a press conference in Washington,. C., margaret Heckler, secretary of health and Human Services, announced that Gallo and his co-workers had discovered a virus that is the "probable" cause of aids. This virus was initially named htlv-iii.

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HIV/aids denialism is the belief, contradicted by conclusive medical and scientific evidence, 1 2 that human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) does not cause acquired immune deficiency syndrome (aids). Some of its proponents reject the existence of hiv, while others accept that hiv exists but argue that it is a harmless passenger virus and not the cause of aids. Insofar as the they acknowledge aids as a real disease, they attribute it to some combination of sexual behavior, recreational drugs, malnutrition, poor sanitation, haemophilia, or the effects of the drugs used to treat hiv infection. 4, the scientific consensus is that the evidence showing hiv to be the cause of aids is conclusive 1 2 and that hiv/aids denialist claims are pseudoscience based on conspiracy theories, 6 faulty reasoning, cherry picking, and misrepresentation of mainly outdated scientific data. 1 2 7, with the rejection of these arguments by the scientific community, hiv/aids denialist material is now targeted at less scientifically sophisticated audiences and spread mainly through the Internet. 8 9, despite its lack of scientific acceptance, hiv/aids denialism has had a significant political impact, especially in south Africa under the presidency of, thabo Mbeki. Scientists and physicians have raised alarm at the human cost of hiv/aids denialism, which discourages hiv-positive people from using proven treatments.

aids awareness essay
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  1. Aids is a condition that can arise from an advanced stage of infection with hiv. This essay from. Pepper Schwartz, featured in ashas newest book creating a sexually healthy nation, gives the scoop on Baby boomers and navigating the sexual landscape as they age. Schwartz is the sex and relationship expert for aarp and has written 16 books on the dating habits and sensuality of couples and singles.

  2. What is the difference between phonemic awareness and phonological awareness? These two phrases are used interchangeably but they are slightly different. Many may not know the difference between hiv and aids. Hiv attacks immune cells and is transmitted through bodily fluids.

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  4. Hiv/aids denialism is the belief, contradicted by conclusive medical and scientific evidence, that human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) does not cause acquired immune deficiency syndrome (aids). Easy and Simple English Essays on various common topics for Children and Students. Find Essay topics and Essay ideas for Child. Illness as Metaphor and aids and Its Metaphors Susan Sontag.

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  6. In 1988, ryan White spoke before the President's Commission on the aids epidemic. Ryan White told the commission of the discrimination he had faced when he first tried to return to school, but how education about the disease had made him welcome in the town of Cicero. World Aids day theme. Unaids started organizing the world aids day campaign to be celebrated with the particular annual themes for better global awareness about the disease.

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